RapidDry is the pioneer of encapsulation!”.
Ed York – “Carpet Cleaner of the Century” – CleanFax Magazine

The normal life of our carpet should be seven to eight years. In fifteen years we have replaced the carpet in only one of seven stories. I believe this long life can be attributed to the maintenance system provided by Rapid Dry”
Dana C. McFiggins – Pinnacle Realty Mgmt. – San Diego, California

Thanks for all the great work you’ve done for ABM. I believe in encapsolution and would recommend it very highly.”
Royce “Bo” Bolding – American Building Maintenance – San Diego, California

You have proven to me that your process far exceeds the hot water extraction in its cleaning process. I realize and fully appreciate how good your system and process works, and appreciate doing business with you.”
Geeta Radia – Target Building Services, Area Manager – Southern California

This problem account usually took two of my men five hours, and it still wouldn’t be clean. The “Clean Pak System” took two men forty minutes! Wow, it was amazing, the dirt, the filth, the spots, BAM! EVERYTHING… GONE! “
Julio Quiocho – Hawaiian Building Maintenance – Honolulu, Hawaii