About Rapiddry

Two cute children and dog sleeping on the floor living room, covered with a blue blanket.In 1992, after buying and selling several other businesses, Glenn Barfell was looking for a new venture. He had been a successful entrepreneur for over twenty-five years and his new vision was the opportunity in cleaning carpets. It was already a huge market and millions of square feet of additional carpet were being added each year. As he inaugurated his new business, Glenn quickly realized there was a major problem within the industry…. getting the carpet dry cleaned effectively and keeping it clean.

So, he hired a brilliant chemist to come up with a custom solution. Together they worked on the problem of being able to deep clean carpets and have them dry quickly. They also wanted to increase the efficiency of the process by being able to clean faster and less often. After much trial and error, they created a new technology in cleaning carpet (Electo Molecular) that is already starting to revolutionize the carpet industry. This experimental process took about one year to refine, and from that time until now Rapid Dry’s business has grown from 0 to about 300,000 square feet of carpet cleaned each month.

As time progressed, the need for a spotter became apparent, and Glenn and the chemist went back to work to find the best possible way to remove spots. We have now refined our product “Nock-It-Out” and use it in conjunction with the EncapSolution crystals to make sure your carpet gets the best possible care.

The term Encapsulation is the newest term in the industry to define RapidDry’s process, and perhaps more accurately reflects this dynamic technology in this new Millennium. Now that the process has been proven in the field and with a committed staff of experienced technicians, Rapid Dry is able to handle any job ranging from a private home with white carpets to the largest and busiest of high-rise hotels, office buildings and apartment complexes.